Handmade Business Cards

Handmade Business Cards

I remember my grade school cursive lessons with pride, recalling how my teacher taught me to slant my paper just so, and the first time I mastered that tricky lowercase ‘r.’

These days, handwriting is at a premium. It’s no longer taught in most schools, having been replaced by the click click click of the keyboard instead.

However, there’s so much you can learn from a person’s handwriting. And that’s why I decided to upcycle some old thank you cards to create handwritten business cards. Time consuming, yes. But a chance to make a memorable first impression and stand out from the sea of glossy and printed cards.

All it took were some old greeting cards, scissors, washi tape, and a decent amount of patience. But now each time I hand out a card, it’ll mean something more to me, and I’ll be exposing a little more of who I am through those carefully handwritten letters.