Pop & Dodge Rookie Mode

Pop & Dodge Rookie Mode

A new version of Pop & Dodge is now available on the App Store. This version includes new powerups, new achievements, and a new tap mode.

…wait a second. Tap mode? Aren’t our games supposed to be about physical activity?

Exactly. In fact, that’s precisely why we put in Rookie Mode, where you can play the same game by tapping instead of jumping. The hook? The Advanced Mode (jump to play) offers more powerups, more points, and more achievements.

Rookie Mode allows you to play Pop & Dodge when you’re on the bus, in the car, or anywhere else where you just can’t jump. Through tapping, you familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game by using more standard iPhone inputs (i.e., tapping instead of jumping).

We know this could be a risky move. Sure, there might be people who only play Rookie Mode and never convert to jumping. But that’s okay. We can’t force people to jump; we can only encourage them to do so through solid game mechanics and motivating rewards. Offering a tap mode allows us to reach players within their comfort zone and gently push them to change their habits, instead of starting out with something completely foreign.

So now you’ve got no excuse. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down, you can play Pop & Dodge anywhere, anytime. So grab the latest update now!