Good Code

Good Code

Did you know that the first software bug was an actual insect? Indeed, in 1947, Grace Hopper found a moth trapped in a relay of the Mark II at the computation laboratory at Harvard. And people have been debugging ever since.

As we prepare for our final game projects, one plan we must prepare is a testing plan, complete with an estimate of the total number of bugs in our game.

Wait a minute. Estimate the number of bugs before the code has been written? Seems like a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled. Why not just write code that’s bug-free?

While this did occur to me, I imagine that most seasoned programmers would laugh in my face. Programming is a combination of trial and error, critical thinking, and on-the-fly problem solving. Throw in some time constraints, changing requirements, and evolving ideas, and things are bound to get hairy pretty quickly.

I guess all I can do is brace myself and code smart.