Learning to Lego

Learning to Lego

Very few great games are created by single individuals, so even the most genius game designers must learn to work in a team. Just like public speaking, teamwork is a skill that must be practiced.

In our team management class last week, we worked in teams to create level mockups using Legos, but with a few stipulations.

Lego Starcraft Level
– 10 minutes
– No talking
– Only 1 person could gather Legos
– If more than 1 Lego block fell on the floor, the team would be disqualified
– Additional stipulation halfway through: no blue pieces could be used

Lego God of War Level
– Everyone could talk
– Every team had one leader, who could order everyone else around.
– All other team members could only say “Yes, sir!” and do only what the leader commanded.

Many laughs later, we definitely got the message that communication and shared vision are key to successful teamwork.