Terms 1 & 2: Behind the Scenes Edition

Terms 1 & 2: Behind the Scenes Edition

These days, you’ll rarely catch me without my handy black notebook of notes, thoughts, sketches, ideas, and plans. Now nearing a third of the way through the school year, my notebook is just about filled.

Before I store the notebook away, I thought I’d provide some behind-the-scenes peeks at the rough concepts behind some of the projects I’ve worked on these past four months. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes of LINK

Early spider web tile concepts:

Combining the spider web tiles with factors and multiples:

Logo sketches:

Behind the scenes of Tree

Initial storyboard:

Behind the scenes of Attack of the Alien Slugs

Initial paper layout:

Behind the scenes of Split Personalities

Initial concept sketch:

Behind the scenes of Cubic Clash

Paper layout:

Behind the Scenes of Rooftop Rumble

Initial concept sketches:

Paper layout:

Behind the Scenes of Factory Frenzy

Initial concept sketches:

Initial cell diagram:

Updated cell diagram:

Needless to say, a lot of work goes into each of these projects, from planning to building to multiple iterations to testing. As I’ve been saying all along, game design is hard work. But of course, it’s also immeasurably fun.

It seems that it’s time to shelve my first notebook of the year. Thanks for always being there for me, dear friend. Now, on to volume two!