Term One

It’s official, folks. Term one is officially over. A lot of things have happened in these past 8 weeks, some joyous, some tragic, some never to be mentioned again.¬†Here are a few things I’ve learned about along the way:

1. Boobs and explosions

Making games is all about boobs and explosions. Not. These were both hot topics of game design conversations early on, sometimes jokingly, other times not. But as we soon learned, solid game mechanics top eye candy. Every time.

2. Persistence

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are great games. The best games take lots of planning, critical thinking, problem solving, and patience.

3. Teamwork

You can’t go through an experience like this without solid support. Eight weeks ago, GD18 was just a group of 30 strangers who shared a love of video games. Several long days and all-nighters later, we’ve become fast friends.

The list of inside jokes is growing, and nicknames are popping up. With the countless all-nighters ahead of us, these friendships will surely become increasingly important.

4. Passion

Huge projects, little time, a whole lot of pressure.

You know things are getting crazy when everyone has either a large coffee or a Red Bull on their desk. And sometimes both. Dollar pizza slices start to become the norm, and showers become a thing of the past.

It’s rare to find something you’re truly passionate about, so when you do, give it all you’ve got.