It’s official: Joe and I have been married for 3 years! Well, actually, almost 3 years. Those of you who were at the wedding might remember that it actually took place in October, the day after my birthday. And thus, because I would only be receiving one gift for two occasions, I had to lobby for a new date. So as of July 2nd, we’ve been unofficially married for 3 years.

To celebrate, we dropped the dog off for an overnight stay at The Woof Dog Lounge and Spa and then headed up to the Sunshine Coast. After an hour on the road and 40 minutes on the ferry, we arrived at the Ruby Lake Resort, a 99-acre resort surrounded by water and mountains and claiming to have the best northern Italian fare in all of British Columbia.

Though it was cloudy on the Sunshine Coast when we arrived, we were not deterred. After a quick meal of boar sausage sandwiches (yum!), we headed out on a hike to see the Skookumchuck Rapids. Fairly early in the hike, the conversation turned to previous anniversary celebrations, and the fact that neither of us could recall any of them irked us for the rest of the trek.

Back at the resort, we checked in and headed to our room, which consisted of a large canvas tent with standard hotel furniture inside (queen bed, lamp, tables, chairs, fireplace, and private porch). “Glamping,” as this style of travel accommodation has been termed, stems from the combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” It’s a real thing, I swear.

It’s the perfect compromise between Joe’s love for the outdoors and my need for creature comforts. Took us 3 years, but we finally found the perfect middle ground.

Our delicious Italian dinner included steamed mussels and clams, smoked black cod on toast, spaghetti with prawns, and penne with mushrooms, capped off with homemade hazelnut ice cream coated in a dark chocolate shell. Yum.

We may not remember much from our previous anniversaries, but this one will stay with us for many years to come.

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