A Hard Day’s Work

Those of you who know me well might have been surprised when I declared a move to Vancouver to study game design. After all, I don’t have much game playing experience under my belt, and it was only recently that I’d even heard of such acronyms as MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) and RPGs (role-playing games), terms commonly thrown around by gamers in the know.

I haven’t been completely engrossed in a game since Super Mario Bros. back in elementary school, as my allowance couldn’t quite keep up with the ever evolving consoles after that.

Thus, I’m currently undergoing a baptism of fire of sorts. It’s now nearing midnight, and I’ve been playing or thinking about games since 7am this morning.

Our class of 30 spent most of the day playing a team-based diplomatic relations strategy game, then moved on to a multi-game, multi-console tournament, which lasted until dinner time. A quick meal later, we rounded out the day by discussing pre-production techniques and trying to come up with effective pitches for medieval Japanese fighting games.

Within the last 15 hours or so, some people completed open heart surgeries, prosecuted infamous criminals, or piloted trans-Atlantic passenger jets.

Me? I played games. All day. And I loved it.