Day 9: One Loud Mothercreeker

After cruising through the gorgeous Big Horn Mountains yesterday afternoon, we pitched our tent less than ten feet away from the roaring Leigh Creek. Any closer and our tent would have been floating in the rapids. 

I would easily have categorized Leigh Creek as a river, but apparently things are on a different scale out here. Call it nature’s white noise machine.

A few chili cheese dogs and a quick game of Scrabble later, we retired to the tent. At 9pm, it was still light outside, but we were beat. Joe and Sofie were both snoozing soundly within seconds, while I lay tossing and turning for a bit, no doubt the result of my repeated car napping throughout the day. 

By 7am, nature had called, and we emerged from our mountain dew-covered tent. Next, we’re off to Yellowstone!