Day 1: DC to WV

West Virginia, wild and wonderful. Well, at least, it used to be wild and wonderful. Apparently now it’s just “Open for business.” 

Yes, it’s only day one of our cross country adventure, and we’re already starting geeky car games like trying to name all the state slogans. Here are a few of my favorites:

Washington – SayWA!
Oklahoma –  Oklahoma is OK
Maryland – Seize the day off
North Dakota – Legendary
Kansas – Kansas, as big as you think

Slogan writing must be an entertaining job. Right up there with naming paint colors.

Today has been a highly hectic, somewhat stressful, and seemingly endless day. After frantic last minute errands before breakfast, we started cramming our car full of our countless piles of junk. Meanwhile, the cleaning company and electrician slaved away simultaneously to make our house look somewhat liveable again. 

Several reshufflings and exasperated sighs later, the car was packed, the dog walked, and the house cleaned to a brilliant shine.

I must say, it feels somewhat surreal to finally be on the road after months of preparation, anticipation, and occasional frustration. But now there’s just Joe, Sofie, me, a car full of stuff, and the open road ahead of us. Let the adventure begin!