Logos with Hidden Meanings

Logos with Hidden Meanings

I love logos. But what I love more than logos are logos with hidden meanings. Those are the ones I look back on again and again, because they reveal an extra layer, one that makes me think about the organization the logo represents.

Take a look at these famous logos. Do you see the hidden meanings?

1. FedEx

Looks pretty straightforward, right? Look closely, between the E and the x. See the arrow created by the white space? Pretty clever, eh?

2. Toblerone

Sure there’s a mountain, but do you see the hidden bear?

3. Goodwill

At first glance, you might see half a smiley face. But look closely, and you’ll see that the smiley doubles as the letter ‘g.’

4. Yoga Australia

Typical yoga pose, though this one forms the shape of Australia.

5. Amazon

We’ve all been to amazon.com, to buy everything from books to toilet paper. That’s because Amazon has it all, from A to Z, as shown by the arrow, which also doubles as a smile.

So the next time you come across a logo, take a second look. Maybe you’ll find some hidden layers of meaning waiting to be discovered.