Big Red Jingles

I might implode soon. The tune to the Big Red jingle has been stuck in my head for about 3 days now, ever since watching Verizon’s spoof on the classic Big Red gum commercials from the ’80s.

The tune is insanely catchy, though it doesn’t make me want to chew Big Red gum or switch to Verizon, so I guess it’s not terribly effective on that front. However, I do hum it all day, from early morning dog walks to midday trips to the water cooler and evening cooking extravaganzas, so I suppose I do inadvertently spread the message to others. Sorry. Here are the lyrics for the Verizon spoof and the original Big Red song.

Verizon lyrics:

So browse the web much better
Update Facebook pages better
Get your boring job much better
Better with Big Red
The 3G coverage lets you do it
You’ll watch YouTube on a horse
When you use it
Email friends and family better
Download stupid stuff much better
Get the most great 3G coverage
With Big Red

Original Big Red lyrics:

So kiss a little longer
Stay close a little longer
Hold tight a little longer
Longer with Big Red
The Big Red freshness lasts right through it
Your fresh breath goes on and on
While you chew it
Say goodbye a little longer
Make it last a little longer
Give your breath long-lasting freshness
With Big Red