Designer Gifts

Designer Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the designer in your life? Here are some ideas to help them show off their inner design geek.

Gift Idea #1: An invisible T-shirt for the disappearing designer

The designers magic trick: the disappearing t-shirt.

Gift Idea #2: Coffee tastes better in your favorite Pantone mug

Gift Idea #2: Pantone mugs

Gift Idea #3: Foster HTML peace with this “begin love, end hate” cap

Gift Idea #3: Begin love, end hate HTML cap

Gift Idea #4: Make banana the new apple by showing off this tile coaster

Gift Idea #4: Think Different tile coaster

Gift Idea #5: Use Adobe app pillows to start a designer pillow fight

Gift Idea #5: Adobe app pillows for the designer pillow fight

Gift Idea #6: Make every photo on your fridge look Photoshopped


Gift Idea #7: Always keep Photoshop keyboard shortcuts handy

Gift Idea #7: Always have Photoshop keyboard shortcuts close at hand

Gift Idea #8: When all else fails…

Gift Idea #8: When all else fails...

Happy shopping, and whatever you buy, make sure it’s well designed!